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    WSUS Update Reports

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      What is the easiest manner to create a simple report to list the updates approved for and installed on a single computer, within a date range?

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          SolarWinds Community Team

          What "Date Range" are you interested in filtering by? [a] Release Date, [b] Approval date, [c] Installation Date?

          The base level report for this data is in the Computer Update Status report in Windows Server Update Services Analystics.

          The only thing missing from that report is the desired date range.

          Arrival Date and Release Date are available in the "...with Update Information" datasource, as well as some others.

          Approval Date is available in the "...with Approval Information"  datasource.

          Installation Date is only accessible from the Windows Update or Installed Programs objects from a Managed Computer Inventory.

          Replicate the Computer Update Status report using the alternate datasource and add Arrival Date, Release Date, or Approval Date, and define the filter ranges for the dates and the filter declaration for the desired computer.

          For installation dates, use the Installed Programs report for updates currently installed, or the Windows Update History for any updates that have ever been installed, and apply filters to the applicable installation date column.

          For additional details or assistance with this report, please contact us and we'll be happy to set up an interactive GoToMeeting session and discuss this report and/or other report customization capabilities available in the Extension Pack.