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    Message: You have exceeded your managed computer license count!

    SolarWinds Community Team

      You have exceeded your managed computer license count!

      The Number of managed computers in the licensing screen is calculated based on two objects:

      • The number of computers listed in the Managed Computers node, which is based on systems targeted for an inventory task
      • The number of computers identified in the collective Task History, which would include any systems included in a task.

      For most of our customers this scenario occurs because an Inventory task has included disabled computer objects and/or inactive computer objects based on the enumeration of computers in the Active Directory domain.

      1. Manually delete computers from the Managed Computers node that are not active.
      2. Manually delete individual Task History items that are associated with older events.
      3. Modify your existing scheduled tasks' 'Computer Selection Rule' to exclude disabled computers and/or exclude currently inactive computers based on password age or wsus reported time.

      The number of managed nodes value is recalculated on a recurring basis, so shortly after you remove those items from the Task History or Managed Computers node, you should see this value begin to decrease.
      You can also expidite this recaulculation by closing the console, and restarting the EminentWare Data Grid Service.

      For additional assistance with this issue, please contact us via the Customer Portal.