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    Using Update lists to deploy via downstream servers

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      We have 4 WSUS servers currently managed using emminentware. Historically, these have always been managed seperately as they are based at each of our business sites around the country and are controlled by engineers at each of those sites. There is one main server that is used for patching our server estate and then the other three are downstream servers that are used for patching the PC estate for their respective sites. I have been trying to use the "Update List Management" feature to group updates for release but when trying to approve a list of updates it will only let me approve to the first server used for the server estate. This makes it very difficult to deploy in an organised fashion to the desktop estate and is causing me a few issues at the moment. I did not configure the emminentware server when it was put in originally and assume that it is a config issue but cannot see what changes I need to make to allow me to choose which server I want to approve these patches to. I can approve manually on each server without issue so it is only when trying to approve a list of updates that I hit this problem. Can anyone advise why I cannot see the other three servers as when I Click the "Apply To Update Server..." button it presents me with a drop down list that I would expect to show me all of the servers but at presnt is only showing the first server.

      At present our patching levels across the different sites vary and I am trying to bring all sites into line with each other. There are a lot of patches to be released and I need to ensure it is done in an organised fashion. At present if I release 50 patches in a month (some of our estate is desperately in need of patching) then I have to approve each one of those 50 patches manually on three servers. Add into this the fact that before the business will allow us to release patches to estate at large it must first be released to two test groups that means that on each server I need to set approvals three time ie to release 50 patches to both test groups at each site and then to the whole desktop estate at each site I would need to ammend approvals 450 times. Update list management would allow me to cut this down drastically and seems to be the answer to my problem. I know I can find other ways of using filters to allow me to approve groups of updates and this is what I am doing at the moment but any help anyone can offer on this would be much appreciated as I would love to get Update List Management working as it was intended.