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    Multi-select Install Downloaded files

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      Now, I have had a look around but have yet o find it, but is the functionality there to select a number of clients that you know have various patches downloaded, and set them off to install whatever has been downloaded?


      So the scenario is:

      GPO is set to download and notify

      You authorise a number of different patches, some of which apply to some clients and some to others.


      Within EminentWare you select a group of disparate clients and hit a button that says "Install All Downloaded Patches".



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          SolarWinds Community Team

          From the All Updates view, enable the Downloaded Count column, select the updates with Downloaded Count > 0.

          Run the Update Management tool and configure the "Install Only" option for those selected updates.

          On the Computer Selection dialog, target the task to the WSUS Server "All Computers" group.

          The "Install Only" option requires that the content is already downloaded. If the content is not downloaded, a machine will generate a task error for that update, but will not be able to install it. If the content is already downloaded, the update will be installed.