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    jobs failed to deploy

    SolarWinds Community Team

      I am installing XP Sp3 via Eminentware and my jobs failed.  The job from last night failed because the install process started before the BITs job completed the download

      Log shows the job started (18:00:11), the BITs job initialized (18:01:10), Install started (19:06:11), the install failed (19:06:15), and the BITs job finished later in the night (21:11:11).  The result code for the job “Result Code:    0x80246007 (The update has not been downloaded.)” confirms the log – the install tried to occur before the download completed.


      How can I break the task into two jobs – one that downloads the update and a separate job that installs the update.  It looks like it took @ 3 hrs for the download, so I was thinking if we scheduled the second job six hours after the download job starts we should be covered for most instances.

      So how can I make this happen


      Dave C