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    Request for principal permission failed when connecting to WSUS server

    SolarWinds Community Team
      Message:Exception occurred at 12/14/2009 10:40:56 AM: Request for principal permission failed. WSUSConnection::Unable to connect to the WSUS Server (MYSERVERNAME) using the account: MYDOMAIN\MYUSERNAME Request for principal permission failed.

      server is win2008 enterprise SP2 x86

      WSUS 3 SP2 , all hardware settings are good

      this is strange since I connect to myservername with my username which has all the necessary credentials (ent admin) and start and run WSUS normally.

      EminentWare can see my domain structure completely, even trusted domains but cant get my WSUS configurations (updates, groups, etc)

      Could WSUS be using another user (some service username) aside from what I log on with? edit:just checked, using system and network service.

      EminentWare.datagrideservice.exe  is using ewdgssvc32-14322  username.