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    Notification Catalog v.

    SolarWinds Community Team

      Do you need to purchase a spetial subscription to be able to download the Notification Catalog v.


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          SolarWinds Community Team

          The notification catalog is downloadable by anyone HOWEVER it is ONLY basic information.

          It does NOT include the actual rules required for proper detection and installation.

          The purpose of the notification catalog in conjuntion with the EminentWare Extension Pack (version EW-CDS-005) is to alert/notify you when there is a new update available for a supported product and vendor.

          The full EminentWare Update Catalog has the same set of packages however this catalog includes the rules for proper detection and installation.

          If you have interest in the EminentWare Third Party Updates Pack, please send an email to Sales for purchasing details.

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              Lawrence Garvin

              Since the acquisition of the EminentWare Extension Packs by SolarWinds, the 3rd party updates catalog is now part of the base product licensing. Upgrading to v1.72 will provide that functionality. You can obtain your upgrade to v1.72 through the Customer Portal. If you do not have a Customer Portal account, or did not receive the account information in February, 2012, please contact Customer Service using the link on the login dialog of the porta.