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    Add custom pollers to reports


      Hi Thwack Community,

      With my custom pollers, I am collecting a lot of informations. So, I want to know if there's a way to put those infos in my custom reports, made by the "Report Writer", or maybe with NCM?




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          Hi Fred,

          There are two ways you could do this, with a custom Advanced SQL report or by using the GUI.


          For the GUI, open the Report Writer, select to create a new report and choose the type Current Status of Nodes, Interfaces, etc. (if you have multiples with this name try each with the next steps). In the Select Fields tab of the new report, add a field and select "Custom Pollers (Current Status)->Custom Node Pollers->Status" or "Custom Pollers (Current Status)->Custom Interface Pollers->Status" as needed.


          If you are looking at an Advanced SQL report, first do the above then from the menu bar select "Report->Show SQL" and then you can get the outline of the custom SQL and the tables to query from the SQL tab of the report.


          Custom Poller data in Custom Report ? has a screenshot and some samples of what I mean here with both options and might help more.


          All the best,


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              Hi Erica,

              Thanks for your advices.

              Unfortunately, I'm not seeing "Custom Pollers" as a possible field..


              I can only choose: "Network Nodes"


                                          "Polling Engines"


              Also, my version of the Report Writer is 2012.1.0


              Again, thanks for your help