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    VLAN interfaces showing as nodes


      Is there anyway to configure NPM to only show the devices instead of all the interfaces related to a certain device? I have all of the devices input under their management IP along with all their related interfaces but under manage nodes it shows every single IP address even though some of those IPs only relate to one device. I don't want to see VLAN 123 in my nodes list as this throws the count of actual devices off. I could have only 200 actual devices but the nodes list says I have over 500. I think this is somehow related to the parent-child but just haven't figured it out yet.

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          Hi Dave,


          Are you using Sonar discovery to automatically import nodes into NPM?  I've seen the problem you're describing in my environment, when a device is part of multiple network ranges that I want to discover. The discovery thinks each IP on that device is a different device entirely. I used the discovery ignore list to block out all of the interfaces that I didn't want automatically added as nodes. Assuming this is the same thing you're running into, you can go to the Admin page > Network sonar discovery > Scheduled discovery results, locate your device, and add each incorrectly discovered node to the ignore list. 


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              Thanks Brandon,


              The Sonar discovery never seemed to work for me since it would always die about half way through and never complete. I've been putting all of our devices in manually and then selecting the interfaces, etc that I want monitored. I understand adding the certain interfaces to the ignore list but we have hundreds of devices and it would be rather time consuming. I just thought there would be a way to add a device by its loopback and then have every other interface on that device be a child of the loopback to keep it from thinking we have multiple devices versus multiple interfaces.


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