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    EMW SPVW error

    SolarWinds Community Team

      The Publishing verification Wizard shows this error:

      The server has the required certs for publishing. There is a version mismatch between the WSUS server version 3.2.7600.226 and the EminentWare server WSUS API version: 3.1.6001.65.


      How can I update the API to match the WSUS server version?

      Thanx again,


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          SolarWinds Community Team

          On the EminentWare server, the WSUS Console only install exists. It is version 3.1.xxxx, which is WSUS 3.0 SP1.

          You can simply download/grab WSUS 3.0 SP2 and run the install on the EminentWare server.

          This will update the API to the same version.

          I would shutdown the EW console and EW Service before running the WSUS upgrade just to make sure everything is unloaded/loaded properly.