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    How do I enable bandwidth restrictions?

    SolarWinds Community Team

      Recently, we've had a few questions come in regarding bandwidth restrictions. You have two options for bandwidth throttling within EminentWareWSUS:

      1) The Windows Update Agents can be subjected to bandwidth restrictions during package download from the WSUS server via BITS.  The WSUS Operations Guide has more details on how to accomplish this: http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/library/cc720428(WS.10).aspx

      2) You can throttle the bandwidth between EminentWare servers.  To do this, expand the ‘EminentWare System Configuration’ node in the tree control on the left side of the EminentWare console.  Then, select the ‘EminentWare Server Wizard’ from the Actions menu on the right side of the console.  Select the server you want to set bandwidth restrictions for in the first screen of the dialog and click ‘Next.’  Finally, select ‘Enable bandwidth restrictions’ and input the rate in the ‘Incoming’ and ‘Outgoing’ boxes below.