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    Report Format Question


      Hey all,


      So I'm a bit new to Solarwinds in general (intern), but I was tasked with figuring out a way to better format the weekly/monthly reports sent out through APM.


      The way it's configured right now with report scheduler, Solarwinds takes a snapshot of 6 different webpages on the APM site, which results in 6 different emails/pdf files per bank client we want the reports on. From there, we use SnagIt to copy/paste the reports into a Word doc. We then save a copy as a PDF, store it in their respective locations, and send out a copy to the personnel of the clients as well.


      My question is: is there a way to have Solarwinds send one large PDF file instead of a bunch of individual PDF files? Basically, just to have the six webpages formatted into one large PDF, which Solarwinds would then email out. It'd be a lot easier/cleaner to have one email report per client instead of 6.


      Any idea if this is possible to configure?



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          Steven Klassen

          Essentially the Report Scheduler just emails a web page so the trick is going to be putting all those reports on the same page.  Thankfully the web console's 'view' functionality makes this easy.


          Log into the web console as administrator, click 'settings' in the upper right corner, click 'Add View' on the right.  Name the view 'All Reports for Delivery' (or something similar) and leave the default type at 'Summary'.  On this page, click the edit button next to the three boxes that speak of column widths and set it to one column.  Change the width of the first column to 1200 and click 'submit' to the right to confirm.  Now, add a resource to the single column (click the + button) and choose 'Report' (or something similar) from the options and click OK.  Select that report and click the blue 'clone' button a few times to get the right number of reports.  Click the preview button to see the view we're working with.


          On each report resource, click 'edit' in the corner and select one of the reports you want.  Do each one in succession.  When you're done you should be left with a view that has all the reports run one after the other.  Point the Report Scheduler at this view and you'll have what you want - a single PDF with all the report information.