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    Problem to connect to WSUS using SSL

    SolarWinds Community Team

      I've installed a certificate on the WSUS server and I've the following error when I try to update the Server registration is EminentWare:
      "The remote certificate is invalid according to the validation procedure".


      The certificate is sign by an internal PKI, the parent certificate chain is published in the trusted root certificate.
      I don't have any error when I'm connecting to the WSUS Server with the WSUS Admin Console using SSL.


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          SolarWinds Community Team


          please contact Customer Support with your contact information and we will follow up.

          Let us know if this WSUS server and the EminentWare server are on the same server.

          Several things can cause this...

          1) Is the root signing certificate in the trusted root certificate authorities so the chain of trust can be verified?

          If not, then this needs to be added. If so, this is not your problem.

          2) What is the issued-to name for the WSUS SSL certificate?

          Compare this to the name used to register (and connect) to the WSUS server in the EminentWare console.

          If they do not match, then this can cause a handshake error.

          If this is the case, then delete the WSUS server from the EminentWare console. This can be done by selecting the Update Services node and selecting the server in the middle result pane. Once selected, a delete action will be availabile in the selection object actions in the bottom right. Select this action. Once this is complete and the WSUS Server is removed, re-register the WSUS server with the same name in the issued-to name in the certificate.