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    The EminentWare Service won't start.

    SolarWinds Community Team

      We see a number of customer support issues related to the EminentWare service, many indicating that the EminentWare service fails to start.  As you might have noticed, the EminentWare installation creates an account that the service runs under.  It is named something of the form: 'ewdgssvc-XXXXX'.  Modifying this account (either directly or indirectly via Group Policy) can leave the service in an un-startable state.

      Here are a few troubleshooting items that might help get the service started.  They all assume you are on the machine where you've installed the EminentWare server:

      1) Ensure that the service account has the 'Logon As Service' user right.  Many organizations disable this right for security reasons.  The ewdgssvc-XXXXX account is truly a service account and thus needs to have this user right enabled in order for the EminentWare service to function.

      2) Ensure that the password for this account hasn't changed.  The password for this account is a randomly generated string of at least 12 characters, and is encrypted and stored using Microsoft's Data Protection API services on the EminentWare server.  On occasion, users will change the password for this account, which causes the account logon to fail.

      3) Two Local Security Policies must be properly configured.  On the EminentWare server machine, use 'secpol.msc' to launch the Local Security Policy Snapin, and browse to 'Local Policies > Security Options.'

      -  Verify that 'Network access: Do not allow storage for credentials or .NET Passports for network authentication' is set to 'Disabled'.

      -  Verify that 'Network access: Sharing and security model for local accounts' is set to 'Classic - local users authenticate as themselves'.

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          SolarWinds Community Team

          If you have changed the password on the service account (or would like to), you can follow these steps to get the EminentWare Server up and running again:


          1) Stop the EminentWare Server Service from the Service Control Manager (SCM) or by using the command line 'net stop ewdgs'

          2) Open the registry editor and go to HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\SOFTWARE\EminentWare\Data Grid Service\Roles\Application\Data

          3) Clear out the value data in the 'MEKey' and 'MPKey' values - but do not delete these values.  If you have done this correctly, you should see the two values and the 'Data' column should read '(value not set)'.

          4) Go back to the SCM and change the password for the service account (if you have not already).

          5) Restart the EminentWare Server Service in the SCM or by using the command line 'net start ewdgs'

          6) Restart the console.


          Now, once the console comes back, you will have to re-enter the passwords for all of the credentials in all of the credential rings in the system.  Since these credentials were encrypted with a key based on the old service account password, they will need to be changed.


          1) In the EminentWare console, expand the 'EminentWare System Configuration' node in the tree control on the left.

          2) Select the 'Security and User Management' subnode.

          3) Select the 'Credentials' tab in top center pane.

          4) For each credential in the list, select 'Change Password' from the Actions menu on the right and re-enter the account password.


          If you've set up SMTP credentials so that the EW server is configured to send email, then you will need to re-enter the SMTP password in the Application Server settings.

          Also, for the EminentWare Update automatic synchronizations and the password stored to connect to it, you will need to re-enter that password in the EminentWare Update Settings dialog.