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    License Issues

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      I don't know if anyone has any insite to the following problem. I work for a company that has recently loaded the trial version of eminent ware on server '08 box. The problem is the software keeps "dropping" the license and we are having to constantly reboot the box.

      I have put a ticket in with eminent ware but havent heard back from them. Any help would be greatly appreciated.


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          SolarWinds Community Team

          Hi austinj,

          You actually have a full license for the product, and it looks like the license on your VM server was invalid because VMotion put the VM on a different physical server.  Looks like we got you a new code, and you're up and running.

          Sorry for the inconvenience,


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              Hi, I have NPM SLX licence.

              Question 1):  If I use VMware FT (Fault Tolerance), when the Standby "read-only" image turns to Active, will I have a problem with the Licence ???

              Question 2)  If I use VMware HA (High Availability), same question with the SLX Licence ...


              I mean, in both cases I can NOT use SLX at the same time, so at ANYTIME there is only ONE Active SLX VM, the rest is just for FT or HA.


              Thanks in advance!

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                  To the best of my knowledge I believe both of these configurations are supported by NPM. But just to be sure, I recommend posting this question in the NPM forum.

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                    If you utilize VMware FT or HA you'll have to call into support and have the license reset in order for it to work.  The best way to accomplish what you want is to look at an FOE (Fail-over Engine) license which will enable you to set up a second instance of the SLX license without having to call into support.  The cost is minimal as is the downtime.