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    Local repositories

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      Good Morning,

      My name is Brad Busch and I am the IT Systems Administrator for Palladium Energy.  We are a global company with locations in Naperville, IL, Shanghai, China, Manaus, Brazil, and Reno, Nevada.  I am located in the Naperville, IL office.  We have direct connections to Manaus, Brazil and Shanghai, China.

      We currently use WSUS 3.0 SP2 to manage our MS updates.  I need to purchase a product ASAP that will allow me to control my 3rd party updates, and after the initial evaluation I am leaning towards EminentWare.  I am about to install the software on our WSUS server, however I have two(2) questions that have come up:

      First, I do not want to (and cannot) have to transfer these updates accross my direct connections to Shanghai and Brazil.  Does EminentWare allow for local repositories?  I would like to approve the updates from the Naperville, IL office and have the remote offices download the actual updates from there WSUS servers.  Is this possible?  This also runs right into my second question...

      Does EminentWare have to be installed on each WSUS server?

      Thank You,

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          Hi Brad,


          To clarify, EminentWare does not really act as a repository for any updates.  For the MS updates, the WSUS server still houses the update content.  For third party updates, the ‘Publish’ action transfers the file from the EminentWare server to the WSUS server.  If you have downstream servers in the remote locations, the updates will get synchronized like any normal update.  So, unless I’m missing something, the answer to the first question is: ‘yes.’


          The answer to your second question is ‘no,’ although you may want to look over our deployment guide for some guidance that will help you optimize your deployment: