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      I downloaded the 30 day trial and so far I am blown away by all the utility the program offers.

      Currently I am testing it on a segmented domain with 3 HP5000 computers.  I have enabled WoL in the bios for all three and have succesfully ran a network discovery.  When I run the report for "retrieved MAC addresses"  I am able to see all three of my computers and the server.

      One of my computers wakes up fine, 2 of them do not.  When I run the task on each individual computer, each task shows "Wake-On-Lan successfully sent"  however 2 of them do not actually wake up at all.

      Would you happen to have any suggestions on what I could check?  The BIOS on all three computers are setup exactly the same, the NIC settings on all three also show that WoL is enabled at auto speed with both magic packet and wake up frame.

      This is the only hangup I have before I can demo this to my supervisors and try to get them to switch off of Novell's product, any help would be appreciated.

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          Hi tlotter,

          First off, glad to hear you're finding value in our product.

          Second, it sounds like your network might not be allowing the UDP broadcasts of the "magic packet." T his is quite common, as most routers do not allow UDP broadcasting by default.

          If this is the case, you have 2 options:

          1) Configure your network hardware to allow UDP broadcasts between your subnets.  We *highly* recommend allowing those broadcasts from the EminentWare Server only, and possibly only for the specific UDP port that WoL runs on (9 by default).

          2) Install EminentWare Automation servers in the subnets and build Routing Rules in the EminentWare product to forward the WoL requests to the appropriate Automation server where they can then be broadcasts on the local Lan segment.

          We have a short document that outlines this process here: http://www.solarwinds.com/documentation/patchman/docs/Wake%20On%20LAN.pdf



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              Thank you for the quick response.  I opened the settings on the router I'm using and UDP traffic is passing through.  One of my computers is working fine.  I think I was just trying to make sure it wasn't a setting in the Eminent Software that might be causing this or if it was the computers in question.

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                  one thing that you can do is go to the computer that is NOT waking up, start it, install and run WireShark on it.

                  Once installed, capture the traffic to the computer and attempt the WOL task.

                  With Wireshark, you can at least confirm that the magic packet is being sent and recieved by the computer.

                  If it is being recieved by the computer that is having the issue, then you can at least confirm it is not being blocked.

                  The next step is to verify that the MAC address is the MAC address of the NIC on the computer.

                  If it is a match, I would look at the NIC settings for WOL.