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    Upgrading WSUS v3 to SP2 requires EminentWare server service restart

    SolarWinds Community Team

      Reminder concerning upgrading WSUS 3 to Service Pack 2 in an EminentWare environment.

      After applying Service Pack 2 to your WSUS Server(s), it is necessary to restart the EminentWare DataGrid Service on your EminentWare Server(s). This can be done with the Restart option of the Services.MMC, or via the Command Line (net stop ewdgs; net start ewdgs).

      Note: You cannot restart the EminentWare DataGrid Service from an EminentWare task if you have only one EW server. Stopping the EminentWare DataGrid Service via an EminentWare task will result in the task session terminating abnormally and the service may not restart. An alternative that can be used, however, is to configure a system restart task with a shutdown delay long enough to ensure all apps and services shutdown normally. Once the shutdown (with restart) task is handed off from the EW WorkerProcess to the Operating System, the EW server is safely out of the loop. The EminentWare DataGrid Service will restart automatically when the server has completed the reboot.

      If you have multiple EW Automation Servers, you can use Automation Server 'A' to restart the service on Server 'B', and vice versa. In this scenario, you should also configure Automation Routing Rules to ensure an Automation Server is not managing itself.