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    Server Publishing Verification Wizard Error

    SolarWinds Community Team

      Am trying to verify Server Publishing but it fails with the following error ( oh and a cut and paste facility on the Wizard would be useful here! :0) )


      Exception occurred at 17/09/2009 10:58:49. A duplicate object was found and cannot be added to the results. The Object key was 20201219230609.000000-***_20201219230609.000000-***_root\travelers.trust

      network\4816a27933cd01b94f14f224a69ece67_20201219230609.000000-***__c7 f5 83 52 06 b9 9b e0 26 60 c7 45 6d 52 5c d1 03 c8 dd 55


      Any ideas what might be the issue

      WSUS is at latest SP2, EW is at patch 4.


      Many Thanks

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          SolarWinds Community Team

          This warning can be safely ignored.

          It is basically trapping on a duplicate certificate being found on the target when we go to verify what certificates are there.

          We will be fixing this in an upcoming release.

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              SolarWinds Community Team

              Further on..... 

              Think the package has been published OK, least it is showing in my list of Updates. However when I distribute it I get the following error

              Status: Failed

              Details: Download failed. A certificate chain processed but terminated in a root certificate which is not trusted by the trust provider Error Code: 0x800B0109


              I have checked the certificates and the WSUS self signed certificate is in Trusted Root Certificates, I have even distributed it down via EW just to make sure it was in there ( that distribution completed successfully ).

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                  SolarWinds Community Team

                  Hi Tony,


                  This is often caused by not having the appropriate policy settings that allow the clients to receive updates from an intranet Update Services location.  Any machine that is going to receive 3rd party updates will need to have this set.  You can set this with our local policy editor - although you may need to set it at the OU or domain level:

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                      SolarWinds Community Team

                      The Windows Update Policy on the targets needs to Allow non-Microsoft signed content

                      This can be enabled using EminentWare's Windows Update Policy Task or using GP.

                      Once enabled, you should be able to install.


                      Please note that there is currently a bug in the wsus server provisioning wizard that improperly checks the WSUS console cache and this cache can indicate the WSUS server is NOT provisioned, when in fact you have already provisioned the WSUS server. To workaround this and verify that you have provisioned the WSUS signing cert on the WSUS server, please select the WSUS server node after running the WSUS server provisioning wizard in the tree control and select refresh. This will refresh the cache and this information.

                      The reason I mention this is because it is easy to re-provision the WSUS server. This can lead to the same error you have seen if you already distributed the previous signing cert to the clients. If this happens, you simply need to re-publish any previously published packages and push out the new certificates.