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    Opinion on Using GPO to Point servers at different WSUS servers

    SolarWinds Community Team

      In my active directory environment I have an OU "Members Servers" that have servers in two different physical locations (ie, two different towns).

      At each of these sites I have a WSUS server and plan to roll out the EP two.

      What would be the best way to have the servers in 1 location point to it's local WSUS server and the other location to it's local.

      If I just use a GPO and link it to the OU, I can only specify 1 WSUS server. If I link a GPO to the AD Site that will also point the Workstations to the WSUS server which I do not want to do. We have a WSUS server for workstations and 1 for servers.

      Thanks for your help.