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    EminentWare - Does it support upstream/downstream WSUS servers over internet?

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             We are currently evaluating EminentWare for our requirements. I have a question which need to be answered real quickly for us to move on.

             If I were using only WSUS in Replica Server mode, I can configure my Replica WSUS Server which gets updates from MS site and then subordinate Replica servers at remote locations which are not under the same network (over the internet). This is possible in WSUS. My question is, what is the offering from EminentWare on similar lines for this kind of requirement.

             So putting the scenario in simple words... I want one main server in the HeadQuarters which gets updates from Microsoft and this is where all the approvals for updates takes place and various target groups gets created. There are multiple offices across the globe which would connect to this main server over the internet (NOT intranet or over the same network).  I need answers to the following Questions:

      (1) Can I use EminentWare for this kind of requirement?

      (2) If yes, then do I need only one EminentWare Server install on my main server or do I need multiple EminentWare Server installs for each regional site (similar to WSUS downstream servers)

      (3) If it works just like WSUS Downstream servers with one server per regional site then it is fine but if it is only one Install on the main server, then will all the features of EminentWare like Advanced Reporting (with missing updates on target machines), Target Groups, etc work as expected?

      A quick turnaround on this query would be much appreciated



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          SolarWinds Community Team

          Hi Jeet,

          1) yes you can use EminentWare in this kind of distributed environment, however it is a little unclear what the connectivty constraints are between HQ and the DSSs.

          2) yes, I would install a EW server at each location

          3) On the reporting, you can do all the WSUS reporting (including DSSs assuming you are doing rollup with one EW server). If you are not rolling up, then you would probably need multiple EW servers (if I understand your deployment). If you are asking about other advanced reporting like users, groups, registry, files, directories, RSOP, services, device drivers, etc. then you would need to have a EW server at each location.