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    Graphing in/out traffic on same graph


      Ideally, I'd like to be able to graph the transmit and receive traffic per interface on the same graph.  For instance, I created some graphs that showed the traffic for WAN and internet usage per site - but I just realized it was an average of both in and out.  I need it to show input and output traffic separately - not an average.  I also saw this from a release note of version 10.1 (I think):


      Node and Interface details on Summary Views   

      • Ability to quickly and easily add any resource from node details and interface details to Summary views


      Am I missing something?  I don't see anything about interface details under summary view except "multiple series charts", which doesn't seem to have what I'm looking for.


      Attached is a picture of what I'd like to have on my new "view".  Unfortunately, the best I've been able to do is create a separate graph for ingress and egress traffic - that's just too many charts for one page (I want to do input/output traffic for WAN and Internet for each site - 8 sites total).


      I hope someone can help... I've messed around and researched this for 4 or 5 hours.  I wouldn't expect something this simple to be so time consuming.. .thanks in advance!!