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    Setup Netflow with Comcast internet


      I have an office that we just setup with comcast business internet. We have a cisco 871 router in place and the connection goes through our vpn concentrator. I setup netflow just like I did for our MPLS sites but I am not getting any flows. Has anyone been able to receive flows through a vpn connection?


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          Here is the answer I was looking for:


          flow record ipv4

          match ipv4 protocol

          match ipv4 source address

          match ipv4 destination address

          match transport source-port

          match transport destination-port

          match interface input

          match interface output

          collect counter bytes

          collect counter packets



          flow exporter test

          destination x.x.x.x source vlan


          transport udp 2055

          template data timeout 60



          flow monitor flow-monitor

          record netflow-original

          exporter test

          cache timeout active 60


          ip flow-export source Vlan


          Under the interfaces add:

          ip flow monitor flow-monitor input

          ip flow monitor flow-monitor output

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              I have not tested this in several years, but it used to be that you couldn't export NetFlow through a "classic" IPSec tunnel (i.e., one configured with crypto maps on the physical interfaces). You had to use one of the other tunnel types, like an IPSec-encrypted GRE tunnel.


              I do not know if this is still the case in more recent code versions.


              Another thing to verify is that your export source VLAN is allowed into the tunnel.