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    Linking IPAM subnets to custom fields


      Hi there,


      I have a lot of NAT going on in my environment and I'm struggling trying to keep track of everything in IPAM.  I think this is a feature request, but I'm hoping someone from SW could chime in about this and let me know their opinion.    My basic problem is that I have one set of real servers being NAT'd to lots of different spaces -- from public DMZ, to internet addresses, business partner ranges, etc.  No problem, right?  Just create custom fields for each different NAT range.   I started with this method, and it works great for keeping track of configured NATs, but then it leaves me with no information about what IP's I have available in my different NAT ranges.  To overcome this, I created more IPAM subnets specifically for each NAT range.  So now I have a subnets for real servers, with custom fields that contain the various NATs, and subnets that contain the NAT ranges with descriptions of what they map to on the real subnet.   It's not the worst thing ever, but it leaves a major potential for missing information, or introducing errors, since everything has to be updated multiple times.  


      So to make a long story short, is it even feasible in the IPAM architecture to possibly link subnets with custom fields?  I want to compare it to a a pivot table, but I'm not sure if that's the right description.


      So for example, lets say I have host, that has an internet address of, a DMZ address of, and a business partner A address of  The real host, in subnet has custom fields of 'Internet', 'DMZ', and 'BP A'.  In my manage subnets and IP address window though, I would now have three additional subnets,, 172.16.0,10/24, and  Clicking on any of these subnets would show me all the IP's for that particular NAT range (subnet space). 


      Thanks for your help,