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    What exactly does the "Hop Count" in Network Sonar Discovery?


      If I set this bar to >0, how are additional nodes within hops discovered?


      - Does it use CDP layer 2 Information...

      - Does it use the routing table of a queried node...

      - Does it use interface link IP information...


      ...to gather information about X hops?





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          herwig I'm wondering this same thing myself. Does it try to pivot from the machines it finds? or does it mean I only want devices up to X hops away from the poller?


          I don't really see it mentioned anywhere else and thought I would resurrect this thread.

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            If Hop Count is set to any number greater than zero, Orion Discovery searches for additional devices connected to any discovered device. Each such connection counts as a hop.


            For example, consider a network discovery configured to search within the IP address range starting at x.y.z.0 and ending at x.y.z.50. The discovery finds a device at x.y.z.20 that is also connected to a device at a.b.c.45. If the Hop Count for this discovery is 1 or greater, the device at a.b.c.45 is included in the discovery results, even though a.b.c.45 is not within the IP address range initially specified for the discovery.


            Solarwinds recommends that you do not set the hop count more than 2-3, as it may start to discover a lot more of your network than you originally specified, and it can cause the discovery to timeout if you have it set to less than 60 minutes.

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