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    FEATURE REQUEST - 443 SCOM Managment Pack




      I've talked several times to support about our issue in regards to the SCOM management pack.... and from what I've been told it only supports connections on port 80.  As we redirect port 80 to 443 and require all web sessions on secure port 443 this is causing us not to be able to send data from NPM to SCOM.  We have a need to do this so in January we put in a feature request.  We are now getting push back from our "customer" (our hospital here on campus) and we are needing to get this working.


      I again called support to find out what the status of our feature request was.  After waiting for a while we got word back from support that the answer was Yes... SW is going to support connections for the SCOM management pack over port 443.  So the real question now is When?


      As SCOM 2012 has been released I assumed there would be a re-write or update to the management pack for support of SCOM 2012 ... and I hoped that support for port 443 would also be in that.


      So... I was told that only the product manager here on Thwack could tell me when support for port 443 would come.


      So... I ask... when will we see support for port 443 on the SCOM Management pack?





      Brian Serafini

      University of Kentucky