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    NPM Performance


      Currently I'm running NPM 10.2 on a Win 2008 R2 VM with 4 processors and 6 GB of RAM

      my SQL DB is also running on a seperate Win 2008 R2 VM with 4 processors and 8 GB of RAM

      My SQL server is 2008 R2 Express with 3 DB's, one for NPM (9.5 GB), one for NCM (290 MB), and one for WSUS (1.6 GB)


      I'm monitoring 173 interfaces in NPM

      1754 IP address with IPAM

      2100 UDT ports

      I'm also running NTA with 9 interfaces, NCM (150 nodes) and IVIM on the same server.


      Not surprisingly, the NPM website runs like a dog and I know my DB server is struggling as well.


      so I purchased a new server with dual Xenon 5620 processors, 32GB of Ram, a Raid 10 setup, and Windows 2008 R2.


      My question is, if you were me, how would you utilize the new server?


      I'm thinking I will install NPM, IPAM, UDT, and NTA on the new server.  I will leave NCM on a VM.  Initially I will leave my SQL DB on the VM, but if NPM performance is still slow I'll move it to the new server.  Does this seem like a good plan?  Am I better off moving my SQL to the new server and leaving NPM virtual instead?  Should I definitely move both? Obviously it would be best to run both on seperate physical servers, but given the horsepower of the new server and the relatively small size of my databases, will I notice much improvement?



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          One other useful tidbit.  The VM's are running on vmware ESXi 4.1 hosts. 

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              I would move your database first.  Most of the issues people have are slow database response times due to disk access.  The biggest pain point for VMs is the disk.  So, just a gut feeling, your problem is likely in the DB, the engine will likely pep up when the DB is moved.

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              Hi Dico


              It will be super if you will get back to us with status.

              Is moving only the DB works?



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                  The new server just arrived today.  I will provide some feedback once I've gotten the DB migrated.  I've got some vacation coming up, so it might be a few weeks. 

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                      I did migrate the database to my new server.  I have noticed that database activities have gotten much snappier.  Unfortunately, my main problem appears to be with the web server.  I did some checking and there are large windows of time (a few seconds to almost a minute in worst cases) where my browser is simply waiting for the server to respond.  This is especially noticeable the first time I visit a page.  I see it even when browsing locally on the server.  Any thoughts on what might be causing this?  I tried disabling my antivirus software, but this didn't seem to have a major impact.  I seem to have plenty of CPU and memory available.