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    FEATURE REQUEST - LEM Agent to Agent Proxy (Case 351160)


      After talking with support and verifying this feature is not available, I would like to put in a request to have the Solarwinds LEM provide the capability to proxy agent requests to an intermediate server before being sent on to the actual LEM device.  The reason for this request is mostly centered around NERC CIP security and regulations that we are faced with at our Agency.  We would like the ability to gather and collect logs from devices that would sit inside an identified secured network segment and have these logs be sent to the LEM, which would be outside of this secured network collecting information from other networks. However we don't want all the individual devices with agents installed to route outside of this secured network to the LEM for compliance reasons. So what we would like is the ability to send logs from each of the devices inside this secured network segment to some kind of proxy agent that would then forward this information outside of this network to the LEM.  This would reduce the amount of agent connections traversing the secured perimeter to the LEM to just one.  I have attached a simple diagram to help explain what we need. Thanks!