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    Why do my APC management cards keep getting identified as a smartUPS 450?


      Starting around the same time as v10, my APC AP9617 and now AP9630s all get identified in SNMP as smartUPS 450.  I swear it used to say the correct model (i.e. SmartUPS 2200RM) or at least a more generic "American Power Conversion Corp.".  I had opened a support ticket last year and got my "SWDiscovery.cfg" file modified to just say "American Power Conversion Corp.", but it gets really tiring having to stop all services and replace the file and restart services every time I run the config wizard or install a service pack.  If I create a view based on device type, it screws up the view for those APCs because they no longer match the device type.  Additionally, in more major upgrades, the MIB file gets changed.  I will now have to request another custom "SWDiscovery.cfg" file...


      Here's what I am talking about:

      Below is a screen scrape from v10.3 Orion NPM:



      Here is a shot from the latest Toolset version of NPM:



      Note the highlighted sections.  See how the toolset does NOT show an incorrect model.  It goes with the generic id.  Can anyone shed any insight?  Thanks.