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    Mobile Application for LEM Alerts


      Right now when LEM alerts you it is sent to a specified email address or phone address.


      I think it would be nice to have a mobile application that would alert you. The LEM would send the alerts directly to your mobile application. Then I could clear up email on my phone and filter those alerts to go in a specified folder in my email. I do this right now but I have it alert me through email on my phone when an alert comes in.


      I envisioned this mobile application could  do some reporting so if you do not have access to a laptop or other device you could then see custom reporting on your phone. At that point you could decide whether or not the alerts are high enough priority to go into work or remote in to further diagnose the issue. It would also be nice to if you have custom alerts set up that are high priority. For example it would send out a much louder alert sound so I can wake up at 2am and diagnose the issue. Right now I can set my mobile phone to alert me but I don't want it to wake me up ever time there is a smaller event taking place only if it is setup as a higher priority alert.


      Hopefully what I wrote makes sense.



      Does anyone else have any comments on this?