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    Clarrion emails being sent


      Hi There


      We are collecting from 3 EMC Clarrions, For the first three months we had no problems collecting performance and storage information, About a month ago we had a power failure and the Storage Manager Portal crashed, After we had recovered from the power failure we started getting emails from the EMC Clarrions, I have being looking on the internet for an explaination as to the cause of the emails and have had no luck, Has anyone had this problem before. Below is some of the emails we are getting. We are currntly on Storage Manager 5.1


      Time Stamp 05/13/12 20:30:13 (GMT) Event Number 4640
      Severity Warning Host '{HOST Name}' Storage Array '{Array Serial Number}' SP N/A Device
      N/A Description Access is denied to NaviNTP_Feature called by '{USERNAME}'.
      Application Accessed: ManagementServer.
      Result: Failure.


      Time Stamp 05/13/12 21:09:02 (GMT) Event Number 4640
      Severity Information Host '{HOST Name}' Storage Array '{Array Serial Number}' SP N/A Device
      N/A Description Access is denied to NaviSec_SecurityAdmin.GetUserList called by
      'unknown user' from '{IP ADDRESS}'.


      Thanks For your help in advanced

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          To add some more information we are currently using UniSphere instead of NaviSphere with EMC Provider

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              Seems like the username/password being used to talk to the clarion aren’t valid but that is just a guess. Try to log into the Unisphere gui using the username/password they are using to discover the clarions via the provider and see if that works.  The username/passwords must be admin level  and global scope.


              If that fails to resolve the issue, you could try reinstalling with the latest provider (v4.4).



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              This is a slightly late thread revivial reply as I've recently had the same issue. The probelm is the account on the Array that is used for 'reporting' doesn't have high enough privledges (Hence the access denied). If you are using the Operator 'Storage Domain Role' - This is too low, you need to elevate the account (we currently have set to administrator at the moment) although you should look at the other account types to see what best suits your needs & this should resolve this problem. Chris