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    WMI Provider folder


      Mostly due to my OCD I hate unnecessary folders and shortcuts in the Windows Start Menu.  Having a folder and icon that allows users to uninstall the WMI Provioder in my opinion is not a good idea at all.  Is there a way to modify the WMI Provider install either through automatic provisioning or through the WSUS package to keep this folder and shortcut from being created?


      My current work around has been and GPO that deletes the folder.





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          David Di Blasio

          One possibility you have to accomplish this goal is to customize the wmi provider package to utilize packageboot to execute a post-execution task that removes the start menu item. I created a test package with the following parameters:


          Create remove.bat file with the following:

          @echo off

          rd "C:\Documents and Settings\All Users\Start Menu\Programs\EminentWare WMI Providers" /s/q


          Include the .bat file as an Additional File.


          Add the following line to PackageBoot as a post execution task

          <program type="exe" typeaction="runandwait" name="cmd.exe" pathtype="simplepath" path="%windir%\system32" successcode="0" failureaction="stop" enabled="true">/C %MODULEPATH%\remove.bat</program>


          Since the wmi providers are already out in your deployment you will still need to find a way to remove them before publishing your custom package out there. Unfortunately this is not a program that can be uninstalled using the uninstall software function within computer explorer. You may consider publishing the original wmi providers package to wsus and approve for uninstall, then once all your machines have checked in and removed this package you can publish out the modified package.

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