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    FEATURE REQUEST: enable alerting by group membership




      I have a number of devices of different types. I have arbitrarily grouped these devices in various ways, eg. by device class (storage, networking, linux) and business unit. When there is a problem with a particular device, I would like to alert different staff members based on the device's group membership.


      eg. if there is a CPU, RAM, disk, interface, application or component problem with a host which is in groups A and B, I would like an alert to be emailed to the staff who look after groups A and B. Another host may be a member of groups B and C, and any problems with it should be emailed to staff who look after groups B and C.


      I do not want to have to create and maintain custom properties for each node, interface and volume, and I want to alert on something more than 'group member up/down'.


      Could you please create a viable way of linking arbitrary group membership with alert destination?