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    What methods do you use for gathering end-to-end response time?


      We have offices located around the world, being primarily located in APAC.  One thing I have always struggled with when setting up a centralized monitoring system is measureing end-to-end response time from the remote users perspective.




      Mr. A in Japan connects to our Intranet web server in our sunny San Diego HQ office data center.  His page refresh times are not so good, lets say 4-5 seconds.  Yet Ms. B, sitting next to him, is hitting our ERP in HQ and page refresh times are fine, less than 1 second.  Other users in the same Japan office are experiencing similar speeds with both the Intranet site and our ERP site.


      NPM is centralized in San Diego HQ and we have it gathering data on the routers and switches in Japan.  Nothin out of the oridinary, RTT stable at 120ms.


      Obviously a problem with the connection to our Intranet site from Japan, but how would we know this, short of him placing a call to our help desk?



      Without having to purchase a mini NPM version for each regional office, what methods have you used or do you use to gather 'end user-like' response time data?  Any Nagios scripts or others open source like alternatives that can be installed on a remote Windows or Linux server that can report this data to Orion NPM?


      Thank you