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    Riverbed Netflow




      I have a Riverbed SteelHead 755 and I'm trying to setup netflow for the unit, I setup the flow export in the unit with the address of the Netflow Collector, I could see the Unit in the NTA module but when I press for see the informacion it says " are not avaiiable because Netflow and CBQoS data are not available" I Saw in the Solarwinds page demo of NTA running with Riverbed, please any help

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          You might be best served to open a support case here, but a few suggestions:

          1. Make sure the flows are actually getting to the collector (you can use wireshark to verify this with the 'cflow' filter.
          2. Make sure the IP that you are managing the node with is the same as the IP that the traffic is being sent out on.
          3. Check the NetFlow events for more information about the problem and post the exact message here.