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    Initial configuration of FoE.


      Hello all.

      I've setup FoE configuration and almost is fine.

      However, when i shutdown my Primary Active server, the Secontary do not make switchover (automaticaly).

      Where/How I can setup FoE for that?


      I was trying to configure NMP service in Aplication:Services as it was suggested in manual:

      First Failure = Recover Service

      Second Failure = Application Restart

      Third Failure = Switchover

      But this did not help.

      So, It's not enough, I assume.

      Should I also configure some other services ? Which one?


      Basicly I need a very simple thing:

      Lets say, if Primary goes down (secondary cannot ping primary via channel link more the 300sec), then Secondary should make auto switchover.

      ... (300 sec. I chose, because I dont want switchover in case of rebooing Prymary, so 300 I assume is enough to come back aftre reboot)

      When Primary comes back , then Secondary should switchaover again back to passive.


      Is that possible?