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    My alerts stop working or go stale after upgrades.  Does this happen to anyone else?


      I have performed several upgrade starting from NPM 9.x to APM 4.x to SAM 5.0.1.   Its happened several times that my alerts appear to go "stale" basically non functional.   The test alerts work and they are working prior to the upgrades.   Most recently my SAM upgrade to 5.0.1.   My windows service monitoring stopped working.   I created a ticket to support and in the mean time I recreate the Alert, same trigger conditions and same email address etc and it works.   This is not the first and its the 4th time its happened.   Does any one know why this happens?  Its frustrating because there is not way for me to know if an alert works or not (if it goes stale) and its even more frustrating for the customer because they think that Solarwinds is not working.   Any help, advice, input would help out.    Thanks.