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    Monitoring F5 Load Balancers



        I'm trying to setup up our Solarwinds Orion NPM 10.1.3 for monitoring of our F5 Load Balancers. I'm able to browse to the MIB's when inside Universal Device Poller setup and succesfully test the LocalTM MIB's but all of the notification MIB's come back with OID not supported. I've checked and changed setting many times over as well as verified the OID's are correct and do exist on the F5 itself. What else would cause an OID not supported message? I'm running 9.3 code on the F5 and have gone over that documentation as well.


      Any advice would be great




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          Hey Joe,


          I've been monitoring F5 LTM pool members using UnDP since at least NPM 10.1.3, but perhaps not before Big-IP 10.0 (can't recall). The details are in the screenshot below.



          I realize that might not be the same OID you're polling, but perhaps it'll narrow down supported ones. Let me know if that's a no-go, and I'll see about digging in further.




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              Hi Chris,

                Thanks for the reply. That MIB does work for me and I'm able to pull the data into Solarwinds. We're actually looking for a way to monitor when a pool is up or down and possibly get an email notification when it does. Everything under the bigipnotifications MIB folder comes back OID not supported. Do those work for you?


              - Joe

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                  Hey Joe,


                  Which F5 Big-IP product/model do you have? We have LTM 1500s, and based on what I'm seeing in the bipnotifications folder, those only apply to the GTM models (or larger chassis systems with more integrated health components).



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                      We have the LTM 3400's and agree with what you're saying on the GTM MIB's.


                      Do you have any alerts setup through solarwinds when pools statuses change? I'm pretty much looking to see if i can get an email sent when a pool goes down.

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                          Due to the layers of monitoring we have on our pool members, I currently do not have any alerts setup for down pool members. That said, we also use Kiwi Syslog Server and I have a filter/rule setup there to forward traps from our LTMs when pool members go up/down to Orion so I can see them there. If you use something like Kiwi, you can setup email alerts there.


                          I've seen other requests out there for notifications based on traps, but I don't think they exist (could be wrong). Otherwise, I do see an Advanced Alert option for "Custom Node Poller Table" (might not be the same as UnDP table) which you could watch for any changes. Even so, it doesn't look as granular as we'd both like.


                          I think the NPM product team might include F5 support in the next version as they've been polling people about it. Here's to hoping for it!



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                    Unfortunately, Orion NPM / UnDP can not poll NOTIFICATION MIBS.

                    - NOTIFICATION MIBs are used by the SNMP Trap daemon to send SNMPTraps to a trap receiver and by the Orion SNMP Server to interpret the received Traps.


                    -- Chris pointed you it the right direction to "show" the Pool status on the NPM page.


                    If you forward your traps to Orion and also your syslogs to Orion then

                    - you can leverage the Alert Engine to send you an alert based upon a Trap or Syslog event telling you that a Node is Down, That there are no active members for a pool, No Pools for a VIP.


                    I don't have specific examples at this time. we are currently re-deploying our F5 UnDP, Syslog, Traps as part of 2 ongoing projects. Upgrade F5 to version 11 and upgrade NPM to 10.4.


                    Hope this helps.