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    Custom Application Logs


      Hello All,


      I follow LEM until it had joined to Solarwinds Product Family. I really expect to see custome application log colllection feature but nobody talks about this. These days every log management products support this feature and I believe that this is most wanted feature for a Log management solution. I checked road map and feature requests for LEM but I could not see any information about this feature. What does Product Managers think about my question ? Will we see custom application log collectors for releases?




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          nicole pauls

          Hey Ramazan,


          We're interested in this area for sure. Can you tell me a little more about what you mean when you say custom application log collection? Do you want to integrate your logs into the real-time feed (i.e. build your own connector/product integration), or do you want to pull in that log data generically and have a place to search it?



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              Echoing this - either via custom connector or other method. One of our homebuilt services populates a custom event log, and I can look at said log using the realtime event monitor in NPM. However, what I really want to do is get this info to the LEM. This way, wherever said service exists I could simply install an agent, configure the custom connector, and pull the log info.

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              Hello Nicole,

              I want to get logs from a custom log file. for exmp, We developed a program and we store log files under c: drive. I want to parse something and store this information in LEM.

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                  We have many uses for this.  I noticed an idea/feature request for ability to create our own custom connectors.  Maybe that would help this.

                  We have many systems creating custom logs such as GIS, SAP, TWS, and many manufacturing specific systems that we would love to have in the LEM so everyone has access to them....

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                  I too would like to see the ability to create a custom connector.  We use Node.js and would like to consolidate the logs with LEM.