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    About Default Agent


      Hello everyone. Have some people know this option? Can someone tell me this option to have any effect


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          Hi, liufisky.


          The Explorer Command Agent is the agent LEM uses to execute commands from the Explorer utilities in the console. These utilities include WhoIs, NSLookup, and Traceroute. If you don't set an agent here, LEM won't be able to run those commands from the console. By default, LEM tries to use the first 4.6+ agent to connect to the manager.


          Let me know if you have any questions.



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              Hi Phil, thanks for your reply. But I don't understand what this means about the first 4.6+ agent. Could you explain to me? Thanks.

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                  nicole pauls

                  The first agent that connects to the LEM appliance that is running LEM version 4.6 or later. The current version is 5.4, current agent version is 5.3.1 - so if you just installed, that'd be the first agent that connected to your LEM appliance.


                  You can choose another agent if you'd rather proxy those requests to another agent (maybe they would show different results, or some agents aren't able to connect to the internet, etc). Whenever you run the commands, it'll ask that agent to run them and return you the results.

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