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    PackageBoot.xml and PostExecution files


      Ran into an issue and Tech Support suggested that I post it here:


      I started with a brand new package that consists of an .msi file, an .mst file, 2 other custom files (a .jpg and an .xml file), and a custom .cmd file.

      The entire package of files uploads just fine and winds up intact on the client end.


      FYI - each PatchManager package is delivered to the following directory on the client:  %windir%\softwaredistribution\download\install


      In the packageboot.xml file I have the following entry right underneath the </execution> line:



              <program type="exe" operation="runandwait" name="DoThis.cmd" successcode="0" failureaction="stop" enabled="true">









      That dothis.cmd file does not run, nor is it in that diagnostic txt file that is created in the %windir%\softwaredistribution\download\install folder.


      I have confirmed that if I take the contents of that folder and copy them out, open an admin command prompt, and manually run the msiexec /i program.msi /qn followed by that dothis.cmd file the end result is what I want.


      (the custom.cmd file deletes the desktop shortcuts and overwrites 2 files in the %ProgramFiles(x86)%\DoThisProgram directory)


      Is my syntax incorrect or something else amiss?


      Any suggestions?



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          Hi, ak00.


          You need an EXE to call the CMD file. There are also a few other typos your XML. Here's a corrected example using CMD.EXE to call the CMD file:


          <program type="exe" operation (typeaction)="runandwait" name="DoThis.cmd (cmd.exe)" successcode="0" failureaction="stop" enabled="true">dothis.cmd</program>


          Also, here's a video that might prove helpful: https://www.eminentware.com/cs2008/media/p/972.aspx


          Let us know if this does the trick.





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              Ahh - I see it now.  The default packageboot.xml file has that 'operation="runandwait" ' line and that's what I was using as the base. 

              Here is the line verbatim that did the trick:

              <program type="exe" typeaction="runandwait" name="DoThis.cmd" successcode="0" failureaction="stop" enabled="true"> </program>

              Thanks for the help!