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    Unable to start discovery


      I've inherited an installation of Orion with my new job and I'm trying to run a Network Sonar Discovery from the server that has Orion installed (and also from any web console), when I select the necessary options it looks like the scan is about to being but then displays the following error window:


      Unable to start discovery

      Could not start/store discovery job: Could not find file 'C:\windows\temp\vecfw2tb.dll'


      Each time I try I get a different .dll file showing.


      Any ideas would be greatly appreciated!!




        • Re: Unable to start discovery

          Looks like one of two things is up:

          1. The Orion service account doesn't have permissions to write/read to that directory and maybe other areas of the Orion server (check to make sure it can; for mine, the Orion service account is admin on the application front-end server, but you can probably run lower if needed).
          2. The Orion installation is corrupted/broken. Download the install files for your version (or update to the latest) and run them to repair.


          Let us know how that works,