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    LEM for Rookie


      Hi all,


      I'm new to this community and to the Log event manager


      I'm starting on a new project which involves Solar wind LEM  to install... i'm very much confused where to start with


      I have a 2 workstations and 5 server  2 switches and 2 firewalls ... i need to implement LEM onto it ..can anybody can guide me please???








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          nicole pauls

          Hey Cris,


          The first place I'd start is with the "Getting Started" section in Ops Center, which has some videos that'll help you figure out how LEM works and where to find things. Generally what you want to do is:

          • Get data coming in from devices by sending their syslog to LEM
            • Configure those product integrations in Manage > Appliances, click the gear next to your LEM appliance and click "Tools". Enable the right connectors for the right products.
          • Get data coming in from servers & workstations by deploying agents to those systems you wish to monitor
            • On Windows, these agents will by default have the Windows Event Logs configured (Application, System, Security).
            • If you want to integrate different applications (like IIS, Anti-Virus, etc), you'll want to configure those product integrations from Manage > Nodes, click on the agent node in question then the gear to the left, and go to "Tools".
          • See the data you've got in real-time in the Monitor area
            • Here you can build filters to get perspective on what's coming in from different systems.
          • Build some rules to notify you when different events occur
          • Search for data to help with troubleshooting, analysis, or just to see what's going on in your data
            • Check out Explore > nDepth
          • Make auditors happy with reports
            • Reports Console is a separately installed app (windows-only) that lets you run, filter, and tweak our out of the box reports.


          Let us know if we can help in any of these areas.