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    New SCP Exam Version


      I just wanted to give some feedback about the new exam. I took the exam online shortly after it was released, and failed. After studying the admin guides for Orion, I took it again and passed. The online exam was more challenging than I thought it would be, but I really liked it. It seems to be a good assesment of your skills as a network manager, as long as you don't cheat. I liked how the system gives you a list of the domains and what percentage you got correct. This really helped when I went back to study the second time. Any way, I just wanted to throw out my 2 cents.

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          I took the exam this morning (and passed). I agree that this version of the exam is more challenging then the version offered at Pro-Metric but the questions are worded in a less confusing manner. I certainly like that this test is now offered on-line. Thanks to Gerry from Solar Winds for developing this new SCP exam.

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            Just passed tonight.  I hadn't done the previous version, but this one seemed plenty challenging.  I was beginning to wonder if there was any content on NPM Administration till I got to the second half of the test.  The questions seemed well worded with a couple exceptions in the NPM Admin part, but it could have been that my brain was fried by that point tho   Overall it seemed to be pretty well balanced between network managing skills and Orion administration.

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              Congratulations to everyone who passed the new online exam and thank you for the great feedback.  We made every attempt to ensure it was a reasonable, valid assessment of your networking skills and knowledge, so that it really meant something to display your badge and certificate.  You've earned it!


              I would love to take credit for developing the exam, but I'm just one small part of the program.  It took a huge, orchestrated effort from every department of SolarWinds to make it all possible.  I just get the pleasure of playing the "frontman" for the band :-)


              Best Wishes!

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                Hey Mike,


                We are no longer using Prometric.  The exam is now online.  Shoot an email over to certification@solarwinds.com or gerry.pond can help you out.




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                  Patrick Hubbard

                  Now that we’ve completed the SCP re-launch beta, I wanted to give more detail on what we changed, the drivers behind it, and relate some feedback from the beta testers.


                  As SolarWinds has grown access to our products, community and support have all grown accordingly, with the exception of access to SCP certification.  Physical 3rd party locations are not uniformly distributed across the globe, and in some countries candidates traveled hours by bus or train, sometimes internationally, to take the exam.  Other potential candidates didn’t have much free time with hectic work schedules, family or other activities.  SCPs are some of our most devoted customers and we needed to make it available to all true network gurus, however remote or busy they might be.


                  Here’s what’s changed:  First, we’ve switched the exam platform from Prometric to a well-established and highly regarded online provider with 15 years’ experience.  Second, the questions have not fundamentally changed.  The exam still draws from the pool of hundreds of questions we developed via psychometric analysis and testing.  Due to a security failure at Prometric we adjusted some of the selections and combinations to invalidate the previous key.  Analysis of the online beta tests confirmed continuity of overall and individual question pass rates, insuring the challenge of the exam and mix of content areas is unchanged.  Third, we extended the validity of the certificate to five years based on SCP feedback.  Finally, we added Gerry Pond to the team as our dedicated SCP program administrator.  Personal reviews of all candidates, test audits and analytics, and other confidential security measures have actually increased the defensibility of the exam.


                  The SolarWinds Certified Professional program is the most highly respected and sought after NMS certification.  Considerable deliberation and research went into this program enhancement.  The reaction of the beta group has been positive with most users relieved that they don’t have to take time off from work or travel to demonstrate their deep knowledge and gain SCP certification.  Many testers have also said they noticed improved usability and clarity in the exam system.


                  We have other exciting enhancements coming later this year, and I’ll have more on those later.


                  Patrick Hubbard

                  Sr. Manager, SolarWinds Certification