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    Orion Report Writer - Save report as file?




      I recently started working with Orion at my company and I was asked to create a report with some interface statistics. I looked into the Report Writer tool and because the report should be generated once every 24 hours I started tinkering with the Orion Report Scheduler. My co-worker that wanted the report generated would like it to be added to a Sharepoint site, so I went to the Actions tab in Report Scheduler to see what my options was. There I discovered that it's only possible to E-mail the file or print to an XPS Document Writer. I looked into the XPS printer device briefly but was unable to set the path were documents is saved. Is it possible to get the output in  any other way? I understand uploading it to an Sharepoint might not be possible, but maybe save it to a shared network disk?

      All input/Advice are greatly appreciated! Thanks in advance!