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    Report Writer, Timeframes, Graphs, and Excel


      Hi, everyone. I'm looking to create some utilization graphs from NPM data with the following requirements:


      WAN Router utilization and availability

      - Monthly chart

      - Monday to Friday only, 6AM-6PM local time (time zones shouldn't be a huge issue, we can offset hours as required)

      - Separate send and receive interface bandwidth utilization, both average and peak, hourly

      - Response time, both average and peak, hourly. This can be in a separate graph.


      In the web interface, I've managed to create a report that contains graphs for send/receive utilization and response time, but the graphs show weekends and off-peak hours, skewing the averages. So, after creating a report in Report Writer, I've managed to get as far as filtering data within the 6AM-6PM range, but I can't graph them.


      So, my question: Is there an easy way to take filtered data from Report Writer and export it somewhere to create a graph? I'm a little wary of running SQL commands directly on the db, so Excel might be easier.


      Does anyone have any experience with this? Were you able to extract the data you needed within specific requirements and create charts with that method? Could you automate it?


      Thanks in advance. I can provide more information if required.