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    Group filter and limitations


      Hello All,


      As you know we can lump many parameters dinamicly or staticly by Group feature. This is so cool for Service Monitoring but when I add group resource on a page I can not give some limitation or filter for all group as I wonder. for exmp: if I create a Security Department page for Security Depertment, I want to show them only special groups which contains security nodes and parameters as treeview. I saw that there are two limitations for group.


      first one is group of groups: this limitation helps to select nodes which we want to see on page but this is a static solution for limitation. If I create a new group, I must update my limitation. so SQL filter can be very usefull for this case.


      second one is a specific group select. this limitation helps to show only one group which you select by limitations. I wonder that If I select a top group, I can see the child groups with this limitation. but it show only specific group without child groups.


      If you have many pages for many users, it is really hard to show the true group to true user. Node tree view is working so good. so my feature request will be about adding SQL filter on groups' edit panel. and improvements for group limitations. Also there is a name pattern limitations for group but this is not smart for an enterprise monitoring system. I must create group with a specific name as security_xxx, security_yyy, etc. maybe another solution will be better.