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    Solarwinds Demo


      I need to present Solarwinds to Management and was wondering if anyone had any presentations that they could pass along. I have the full product suite installed and doing all monitoring , alerting, config backups , app monitoring etc.... If anyone has showed the installed product off to managment and would like to share some ideas that would be great. Otherwise I'll just go through each product tab and show the features that I have been using until everyone falls asleep.



      Thanks Jeff

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          Demos, datasheets, videos, product guides, etc. can be found here for NPM.


          Hope this helps!


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            Just over two years ago I was in the same position you are in now pitching Orion as our next generation monitoring solution to our Executive Staff and I have also done training for other companies.


            Aside from the technical details, I would focus on the following items...


            • Orion provides a single pane of glass that can unite all of your technical departments under one "tool umbrella"
            • Orion is incredibly flexible with both integration options with other products as well as supporting a very wide range of devices
              • This includes the ability to write your own pollers/application monitors if necessary so you know you are covered
            • Orion can provide high level executive dashboards and reports to help executives make important decisions
            • Orion is very scalable so now matter how much capacity you need, Orion can make it happen


            Hope this helps!