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    Thin Client Wireless


      The BIG need we have in connection with features for the wireless side of NPM is the ability to track thin client stats via the Wireless Lan Controllers.  Specifically we need to have the ability to track the number of clients on a thin AP connected to a WLC and alert when the count exceeds a threshold and monitor the radio interfaces on on an thin AP via the WLC and alert when the utilization exceeds a threshold.   In conjuntion with this the same kind of trend graphs for these functions need to be available.  Currently the counts and utilization are not tracked anywhere that I can find except for current stats.  And as far as reporting the only things that are avialable are WLC AP count and Rogue AP count as well as Thin AP Type, name, IP address, and status.  This is so basic as to be almost useless.


      I see very little response from NPM product managment in regrads to any of the wireless discussion through out this web site.  I'd like to see more participation from Solarwinds on this subject.  We've got over 1000 access points through out our network which makes this a huge concern for us.  Cisco offers a point solution for us but it is complicated, expensive, and focused on configuration and not managment.