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    Feature request: Upload config to alternate device


      Hi -


      Something I'd love to see in a future release of NCM is the ability to upload a device config to an alternate device. As we have a large estate of switches, we keep a "standby" unit of each switch type in stock to ensure that a failed switch can be replaced quickly. It would be ideal if these switches could be pre-configured with a "spare" IP address on our management vlan and, in the event of a failed switch, the config from the failed unit could be uploaded from NCM to the "standby" unit by entering the spare IP address and connection details. (the switch would then pick up the original IP address on reload etc). I know that upload config to multiple nodes sort of does the same thing, but ideally I don't want to have the "standby" units registered in NCM/NPM (it's a waste of resources) .


      Taking this a bit further, it would be really cool if the process of polling and inventory on the replacement switch could then be started automatically then an audit report of the old switch serial number and the new switch serial number emailed out